Fortezza (Castrocaro Terme, FC)

In one of the most beautiful valleys of Emilia Romagna, about twelve kilometers from Forli, concern, to protect the town of Castrocaro, its Fortress. IMG_20150625_113229

The fort has now more than a millennium of life, scanned in three major periods: imperiale, the period of the Church and the Florentine.

Already in the tenth century., probably, the tower marked the border between the Lombards and Byzantines. The first written documentation, anyway, It is of the 1059, when the Fortress lived a noble family loyal to the Emperor German.

After the death of Frederick II (1253), and with the help Angevin, the reign of Pope widens, also incorporating Castrocaro (1282).

Only in 1403 Castrocaro and its fortress were annexed to the Florentine Republic until the beginning of the seventeenth century when, the new policy era, They brought the republic to lose interest in Castrocaro and its Fortress. In 1676 It was sold at, and in 1782 sold to private. IMG_20150625_114001

It was not inhabited for the next three hundred years, up to 10 September 1923, when the fortress was purchased by the City, in that 1980 decide the restoration of the imposing fortified structure.

In 1982 They were beginning the restoration work, identifying the new destiny in a cultural and tourist use. When completed (spring 2000) Fortress has been entrusted to manage the Proloco Castrocaro.

Inside is the Historical Museum, in which they are exposed many artifacts, from prehistory to Etruscan times, romano, Lombard and Byzantine, to the Middle Ages, to the IMG_20150625_114503Renaissance and beyond: flints, Jewelry, coins, medals, glass, majolica, weapons, parchments, writings and drawings, two rare wedding chests: the first of the eleventh century, decorated with "late-Byzantine", the other of the fifteenth century, with relief decorations in "tablet" golden, several antique furniture, paintings and traces of fresco.

Opening hours ordinary

Opening until 1 hour 10-13 and 15-19

Saturday hours 15-19
Sundays and holidays hours 10-13 and 15-19 IMG_20150708_203611

April, May
Saturday hours 15-19
Sundays and holidays hours 10-13 and 15-19

Giugno, July, August, September
Saturday hours 16-20
Sundays and holidays hours 10-13 and 16-20

Saturday hours 15-19
Sundays and holidays hours 10-13 and 15-19
Excluding the 30 and 31 October for the preparation of the event

Saturday hours 15-19
Sundays and holidays hours 10-13 and 15-19
Excluding 1 November

Saturday 3 hours 15-19
Sunday 4 hours 10-13 and 15-19


Intero € 5
Reduced € 4 (over 65 years old and children up to 14 age)
Free for children under 10 years accompanied by an adult.

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